Knee Arthroscopy Cadaver Workshop.

Arthroscopy is a fast developing subspecialty in Orthopaedics. The early seedlings of Arthroscopy have been in existence since 1983 in India, but wide performance of arthroscopic procedure does not exist. Currently, Indications for arthroscopy is exuberant but the awareness among medical professionals is yet to grow. The key reason for this is lack of exposure to this particular specialty. Due to this, it is not uncommon to see many young orthopaedic surgeons see arthroscopy as a field of avoidance and hence missing the opportunity to deliver right treatment for the patients in need.

For the ultimate benefit to patients and with the deep intention to promote arthroscopic subspecialty in the state, it was decided to form an association. The Official birth of Tamilnadu Arthroscopy Society (TNAS) occurred on 6th January 2015. The headquarters of TNAS is situated in Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai.

Now TNAS is a professional association for orthopaedic surgeons performing arthroscopic surgeries, aspiring arthroscopic surgeons and also for those who wish to know more about the field.

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