Benefits of TNAS Life Membership

  • Entry into the Recognised and Registered society for Arthroscopy in the state.
  • Access to online and Whatsapp educational arthroscopy network of the state.
  • Short term Visiting Honorary Fellowship Opportunity for young aspiring Arthroscopy surgeons in the identified centre through TNAS.
  • Access to Basic and Advanced Arthrsocopy workshops conducted under the affiliation of TNAS in the state.
  • Access and contribute for Future Academic E Bulletin of the Society.
  • Life members are given the privilege of voting rights in board member election.
  • Life Members get exclusive privilege of attending business meetings of the society, engage in scientific discussions and participate in social events.
  • Access to TNAS online membership directory.
  • Networking opportunities with extremely skilled National & International arthroscopy colleagues and the prestige of life membership.
  • Leadership and faculty opportunities within and outside TNAS.
  • Discounted registration rates to for CMEs done by TNAS.
  • Opportunity to serve as TNAS committee member.
  • Opportunity to host TNAS affiliated workshops in your institution.

Benefits of TNAS Associate Membership

  • An associate membership is awarded to qualified medical doctors pursuing post graduation in Orthopaedics.
  • Associate members are allowed to take part in all scientific meetings, discussions and social events.
  • Associate Members are disallowed from taking part in business meetings and elections.
  • Associate Membership is valid upto a period of one year.